史努比:花生大电影(The Peanuts Movie) 第01期2016-12-23
贝多芬 Beethoven.莱纳斯 起床啦 Linus, time to get up.你不想上学迟到吧 You don't want to be late for school.快起床 Get up!我的毯子 My blanket!喂 Hello? 下雪啦 Snow day? 下雪啦
史努比:花生大电影(The Peanuts Movie) 第02期2016-12-23
查理·布朗永不放弃 Charlie Brown is not a quitter.第九局下半场 二出局 Bottom of the 9th. Two outs.这里三振出局的话 投手立马就会成为英雄 A strike-out here would make the pitcher an in
史努比:花生大电影(The Peanuts Movie) 第03期2016-12-23
谁 Who? 红男爵 一战最有名的飞行员 The Red Baron. The most famous aviator during The Great War.这不是真的吧 It's not real, is it? 我的自然卷发 My naturally curly hair!快趴下 莱
史努比:花生大电影(The Peanuts Movie) 第04期2016-12-23
哥哥你在看什么 What are you looking at, big brother? 你疯了吗 Are you crazy? 你恋爱了 You're in love!第一章 这是史上最棒的爱情故事 Chapter 1. It was the greatest love story ever
史努比:花生大电影(The Peanuts Movie) 第05期2016-12-23
这次咨询五分钱 That will be five cents, please.五分钱 五分钱 五分钱 这声音多好听 Nickels, nickels, nickels. What a beautiful sound.恭喜 你现在正在成为成功者 Congratulations. You
史努比:花生大电影(The Peanuts Movie) 第06期2016-12-23
这感觉真棒 This is going great!我叫卡拉米蒂·萨莉 My name is Calamity Sally...是这座城市驯马套牛最厉害的女牛仔 the best bronc-busting, lasso-roping cowgirl in this here town!谢谢你
史努比:花生大电影(The Peanuts Movie) 第07期2016-12-23
一 二 三 四 One, two, three, four.一 二 三 One, two, three...知道吗 我一直都想和皮格盆跳舞 You know, I've always wanted to dance with Pigpen.恶心 Yuck!怎么没有人跳舞 这可是
史努比:花生大电影(The Peanuts Movie) 第08期2016-12-23
她看上去就像那种 She seems like the kind会做这些事的人 of person who would do that sort of thing.怎么又是读书报告啊 Not another book report!到挑搭档的时候了 Time to pick our partn
史努比:花生大电影(The Peanuts Movie) 第09期2016-12-23
我要求重新算分 I demand a recount!下午好 员工和学生们 Good afternoon, students and staff.我们有一个特殊的通知 We have a special announcement.周一早上将会有一个全校晨会 There will be an
史努比:花生大电影(The Peanuts Movie) 第10期2016-12-23
是他 查理·布朗 我的象棋队需要他 There he is! Charlie Brown, I need you on my chess team!他的时间可不能浪费在无意义的游戏上 他得和我走 He's got no time for meaningless games. He's com
史努比:花生大电影(The Peanuts Movie) 第11期2016-12-23
够了 查尔斯 跟我来 Stop right there, Charles. Come with me.这就是你要找的 This is what you're looking for.列夫·托尔斯泰的《战争与和平》 Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace.额 这战争打了多久
史努比:花生大电影(The Peanuts Movie) 第12期2016-12-23
很快就会消失 intellectual superiority can be very fleeting.得抓紧时机赚钱 You have to cash in while you can.今天是我们的大日子呢 哥哥 Today is going to be a big day for us,
史努比:花生大电影(The Peanuts Movie) 第13期2016-12-23
我敢肯定不像你想的那样糟啦 查理·布朗 Surely it's not as bad as you think, Charlie Brown.让我看看你写了什么 Let me see what you wrote.查理·布朗 你对这本 Charlie Brown, the insight y
史努比:花生大电影(The Peanuts Movie) 第14期2016-12-23
那边 现在 跑 That way. Now, go!史努比 我希望那小家伙不会泄气 I hope the little guy doesn't get discouraged, Snoopy.他并不清楚这有多难 He doesn't quite know how difficult thi
史努比:花生大电影(The Peanuts Movie) 第15期2016-12-23
她眼见了我今年出过那么多的丑 After all the humiliating disasters she witnessed this year...为什么还是愿意选我 why would she choose me? 她是不是可怜我 Was she feeling sorry for me?
史努比:花生大电影(The Peanuts Movie) 第16期2016-12-23
谢谢 我找它找遍了 Thank you. I've been looking everywhere for this!我会给你写信的 笔友 I'll write to you, pen-pal.再见 Bye!他还好吗 Is he okay? 现在做查理·布朗的感觉一定很爽 It must


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